Using the latest technologies and procedures for erectile dysfunctions, our physicians at Philadelphia Urology Associates bring relief for the full range of urologic issues that men and women face.

From urologic concerns involving a healthy and robust sex life, to medical conditions that threaten our very quality of life. Therapies designed to help you manage the changes that come with age, medicine that treats not only the symptoms but the underlying causes of impotence and other dysfunctions in men's sexual health, through several options from non-surgical treatment to surgical solutions such as penile implants made through state-of-the-art surgical techniques like the daVinci robot-assisted surgical system, that can have you back to yourself faster than before.

We also offer the latest in inflatable penile implants and other pupular types of implants available in the industry. Our affiliations with the area's leading hospitals give us a complete arsenal of tools to bring to bear on your specific medical issue.