Peyronie’s Disease or Abnormal Penile Curvature

Some degree of penile curvature is not unusual but if a significant, often painful onset of new curvature occurs this could signify the development of Peyronie's Disease.  Peyronie's Disease can occur in men of any age but most frequently in men in their 50's. The worst aspect of Peyronie's is that it could result in significant sexual dysfunction making sexual intercourse impossible. Painful erections are also commonly associated with Peyronie's. 

The actual cause of Peyronie's Disease is unknown and why some men get it and others don't is a mystery. It can be associated with  penile trauma and a condition know as Dupytren's Contracture where abnormal scar tissue forms on the hands and feet.

Peyronie's Disease often follows a particular cycle which can last over a period of 18 months.  Progressive curvature with varying degrees of pain may occur in the first 6 months. The pain often resolves as does the curvature in a significant number of men. Unfortunately a good percentage of men are left with severe curvature requiring treatment in order to resume normal sexual function.

Treatment of PD depends on the severity of the curvature and a man's overall ability to have an erection. If the curvature is mild and not interfering with sexual function no treatment is required. Severe curvature usually requires surgical correction which often results in significant improvement and a resumption of sexual activity. When erectile dysfunction is present along with Peyronie's Disease the best treatment is placement of an Inflatable Penile Prosthesis.



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