Low T, Weight Gain and Muscle Loss

Low Testosterone or Low T is receiving an enormous amount of publicity these days, and for good reason. It's a well known fact that as men age their Testosterone levels decline especially after age 50.  While not all men experience this, those that do often develop noticeable changes in themselves including decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, decreased muscle, increased belly fat and sometimes cognitive changes. The good news is that Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to reverse many of these changes.


Diagnosing Low T

Diagnosing Low T is accomplished through a blood test. If the T levels are low and a man is noticing some or all of the above symptoms it's appropriate to begin Testosterone Replacement Therapy which can be given in a variety of ways. When testosterone levels are restored to normal, may of the symptoms of Low T are reversed! Men often report a night and day change compared to how they felt when their T levels were low.


Benefits of T Replacement

The benefits of T replacement have been proven through many valid scientific studies. Not only is there an obvious increase in well being, especially with regard to sex drive, energy level and sleep, but also in body composition, body chemistry and metabolism. Muscle mass clearly increases as well as some redistribution of body fat (less spare tire!). Men often notice significantly higher benefits from their workout at the gym, where before T replacement they felt like they were going backwards in regards to muscle growth.

Importantly, as beneficial as T replacement is for men with Low T, it does not make up for a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, healthy diet, stress reduction and a positive attitude.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Low T and would like to look into this further please contact us or call 215-563-1199 for a consultation with me.

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