Low T and Hypogonadism

You may be wondering what Low T and Hypogonadism mean? Well, they both refer to a condition resulting from low testosterone levels discovered in a blood test obtained from a man who is suspected of having Low T. Symptoms suggesting Low T include decreased or loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, lack of energy and a general lack of motivation. And while there are many factors in life that can contribute to having these symptoms, diagnosing and correcting Low T can be a life changer!

Once the diagnosis is made by a physician,  there is an opportunity for treatment to correct the Low T. Very simply, the objective of treatment is to bring one's T levels to normal. If indeed the above symptoms are from Low T, then correcting this will dramatically impact the way a man feels everyday. There is often a restoration of energy, sex drive, sense of well being and erectile function. Many men also reporting significant improvement in their sleep as well. It's often like night and day when T levels become normal!

There are a number of ways to treat Low T ranging from topical to injectable medications. They are all satisfactory in normalizing T levels and the best one is based on a man's individual preference: this is usually determined by a conversation with the treating physician. Side effects  can occur but the majority of men on T replacement remain free of them. They can include hair loss, breast enlargement, leg swelling, worsening of sleep apnea, elevation in PSA levels and an enlarging prostate gland, and an increase red blood cell count causing an unsafe "thickening" of the blood.  These usually resolve with stopping the medication.

Recently a report was published in JAMA suggesting that  T replacement increases a man's risk of having a heart attack. Unfortunately this article has many inaccuracies and most experts who treat Low T do not feel this is a valid claim.

If you have symptoms consistent with Low T and would like an evaluation please contact us today for an appointment.


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