Can Testosterone Have an Effect on your Cardiovascular Health?

Last November, an article was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, claiming testosterone could have an adverse effect on men’s cardiovascular health, and could lead to increased risk of death, heart attack or strokes.  Since the publication, two corrections were published – the first stating that the results in the study were based on estimations and now the raw data that was collected, and the second stating that many patients were excluded from the study.

The second correction seemed the most troubling, as it included the fact that 100 patients were excluded from the study because they were women – in an all male study.  This raised questions about how accurate the rest of the data was.

Because of these discrepancies, the Androgen Study Group, a large group of physicians and researchers, says that the article suffers from “gross data mismanagement” and should be retracted completely from the journal.  Furthermore, the claims in the paper go against more than 40 years worth of research on testosterone, which has previously suggested that the hormone actually has beneficial effects in the care of certain heart patients.

Continued research on the topic is being done, including an investigation by the FDA.  If you have concerns about testosterone, and whether testosterone treatment is right for you, contact us today.

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