Erectile Dysfunction: An Undertreated Condition

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common problem, especially in older men. More than half of the men between the ages 40 to 70 years old have reported having some erectile difficulties. However, only a quarter of the men with the condition receive treatment for it, according to a recently study.

Why Seek Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

Physical Health

Though it may be an uncomfortable topic, ED can seriously affect your life. Some factors can influence occasional issues with getting or staying erect including fatigue, stress, reduced levels of physical, emotional satisfaction or life satisfaction. For a lot of men, these issues aren’t only occasional. In this case, it is important that you speak with your doctor if you are experiencing prolonged symptoms as it may be a sign of a bigger issue.

According to the United Kingdom Management Guidelines for Erectile Dysfunction, “Erectile dysfunction is a major healthcare issue and acts as a marker for other common major diseases. It therefore deserves attention, consideration, proper investigation, and appropriate treatment.”

Emotional Health

ED is nothing to be ashamed about. Over 150 million men suffer from some sort of erectile dysfunction worldwide. Having ED can put unnecessary stress into your life and sometimes cause self-doubt in not only you, but also in your partner. The inability to preform sexually often leads to men withdrawing from physical and emotional contact with their partners. In some cases this can lead to depression in men. Thankfully, ED is treatable.

Talk to Your Doctor About ED

There is no one type of treatment that is guaranteed to work for everyone when it comes to erectile dysfunction. There are however, many good options for men experiencing these problems. Treatments for ED can range from over-the-counter preparations, Testosterone Replacement Therapy and oral prescription medications (ie Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and now Staxyn) to Vacuum Erection Devices, Penile Injection Therapy and Penile Implants.

The best way to find the treatment that is best for you is to talk to an urologist. I would be very happy to discuss the evaluation and best treatment options for your ED. You can call 215-563-1199 to schedule a consultation with me or contact us online.

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