What is THE Best ED Treatment?

At the risk of sounding like a cliche, one size DOESN'T fit all when it comes to ED treatment. Fortunately, there are many good treatment options for men with ED. A man's response to ED treatment depends of many factors such as the cause of ED, the length of time ED has been present, severity…
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What is ED and Who is Affected by It?

ED (erectile dysfunction) or Impotence is defined as the inability to achieve an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. This a very common condition which affects over 18 million men worldwide!  Although ED can affect men in their 20's, it most commonly occurs in men over 40 years old. If we exclude psychological causes of ED…
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What Can I Do About My Erectile Dysfunction When Nothing Has Worked?

This is a question I am asked everyday by the men who seek my professional advice in regards to their erectile dysfunction, but only after they have tried every other “treatment” (dietary supplements, vacuum pumps and even prescription medication) all of which failed.   There are situations that simply cannot be effectively treated with the most…
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