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GAINSWave has been featured in Men's Health in this article below...

I Got Stronger Erections By Blasting My Penis With Sound

​Spoiler: It worked

April 13, 2017

I placed my hand on the handle of the glass door leading into the medical clinic, took a deep breath, and glanced at my crotch. “You ready for this, little fella?”

At that point, I wasn’t quite sure what sort of adventure my nether regions were about to embark upon. But just a month prior, I’d committed to visiting, on my trip back from a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, an anti-aging and sexual therapy clinic called “GAINSWave“ in Hollywood, Florida, with plans to subject myself to a fancy, new sound-wave therapy protocol called “extracorporeal shock wave therapy.”

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GAINSWave has been featured in Playboy in this article below...

Can You Strengthen Your Penis with Sound Waves?

By Bobby Box
April 19, 2017

While you won’t be able to simply place headphones on your junk and expect a bigger package, a Men’s Health article recently detailed one writer’s entertaining experience with a certain sound-wave therapy that uses high-intensity shockwaves—normally used to target localized fat tissues and kidney stones—directly to men’s members. Did your knees just jerk in order to protect your balls? Mine too.

The drug- and surgery-free procedure, commercially known as GAINSWave (or “extracorporeal shockwave therapy”), takes no longer than 20 minutes and aims to enhance men’s sex lives using shock waves, which stimulate the formation of new blood vessels and reactivate dormant ones in the genital region. The result of this little-known approach is improved blood flow, which ultimately helps men achieve and maintain more sustainable erections with increased sensitivity.

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Dr. Sloane is featured on ABC News!!!

September 11, 2013
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